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新增:2006年12月27日 访问:\n;165.061

1-4a Rename Definitely one of the best tools to rename a lot of files. Perfect for renaming mp3 files and others. Often used functions (deleting double spaces/replacing underscores etc) are built-in, Immediately see changes, What you see is what you get, UNDO, At-a-glance-display, special functions for...

许可证: 免费软件 大小: 323 KB 下载 (10612): 1-4a 重命名下载

释放: September 09, 2012  |  Added: September 29, 2012 | Visits: 90.748

Webcam and Screen Recorder Records webcams, full screen or part of the screen to a video file such as AVI and WMV. You can also record sound with the video. Use our Fake webcam to play back those recorded videos on your instant messengers such as Yahoo and MSN. You can also create demos and presentation videos. Key...

Platforms: Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005,Windows Media Center Edition 2005

许可证:共享软件 费用: $19.95 USD 大小: 2.9 MB 下载 (2420):网络摄像头和屏幕录制器下载

新增:2006 年 1 月 27 日 访问:\n;119.142

ScrewLab ScrewLab(formerlyScrewYourMp3s) is the only place on the web to screw(slowdown) and chop your mp3s. Take your mp3s and screw and chop them like a dj without turntables. Equipped with a crossfader for turntable quality chops. Record from internet radio streams and save as mp3s.Take your screwed...

许可证:共享软件 费用: $29.95 USD 大小: 4.88 MB 下载 (8987):螺丝实验室下载

释放: October 02, 2011  |  Added: October 17, 2011 | Visits: 38.065

Chick Video Studio One solution to all your video and audio needs. Convert,Cut,Join,Mix and apply Transitions. Supports AVI, WMV, MOV , DIVX, ASF, 3GP, MP4, MPEG1, MPEG2, VCD-PAL ,VCD-NTSC, SVCD-PAL, SVCD-NTSC, DVD-PAL, DVD-NTSC and other formats. Add a 3D transitions (70 transitions) and awesome effects (over 50...

Platforms: Windows Vista

许可证:共享软件 费用: $19.95 USD 大小: 7.79 MB 下载 (1511):小鸡视频工作室下载

释放: December 13, 2018  |  Added: January 24, 2019 | Visits: 29.894

MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Windows MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Windows is the best DVD ripper for Mac users to backup and rip DVD to all popular formats at 36x feaster speed and high video quality. It supports ripping homemade, encrypted DVDs and even unplayable DVDs easily. With over 350 built-in profiles, this windows DVD ripper can...

Platforms: Other

许可证:共享软件 费用: $47.95 USD 大小: 31.69 MB 下载 (1815): MacX DVD 开膛手专业版,适用于 Windows 下载

释放: December 07, 2012  |  Added: December 29, 2012 | Visits: 43.067

Webcam Simulator Simulates webcam on your system by broadcasting video files as webcam. It adds a virtual camera to your system without having an actual webcam. It can be used with all instant messenger like MSN, Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, Camfrog Video Chat.

Platforms: Windows Vista

许可证:共享软件 费用: $9.95 USD 大小: 4.89 MB 下载 (2868):网络摄像头模拟器下载

释放: October 14, 2014  |  Added: October 14, 2014 | Visits: 51.889

Photo Collage Max Making collages with frames, clip art, backgrounds and so on is a fun way to arrange your multiple photos into one, is also very sweet to commemorate events such as birthday, wedding, holidays, to share joy with family and friends. Photo Collage Max puts all the templates, masks, shapes and other...

许可证: 免费软件 大小: 33.98 MB 下载 (1910):照片拼贴最大下载

释放: July 09, 2019  |  Added: July 27, 2019 | Visits: 171.497

Comodo Firewall Comodo's free Firewall is your first layer of defense against viruses, worms, trojans, hackers and other internet threats. Comodo's Firewall uses Default Deny Protection to prevent threats from occurring, rather than just detecting them when it's already too late. With a single click you can...

许可证: 免费软件 尺寸: 5 B 下载 (3273):科莫多防火墙下载

释放: December 16, 2013  |  Added: December 31, 2013 | Visits: 43.257

LimeShare Pro LimeShare Pro is a peer-to-peer file sharing client for the Gnutella network designed to help exchange and distribute data over the internet in a fast and secure way. The program is written in Java, and uses the Limewire code but brings some advantages of its own such as a revamped layout, lack...

许可证: 免费软件 大小: 4.95 MB 下载 (1291): LimeShare 专业版下载

释放: May 17, 2003  |  Added: October 25, 2006 | Visits: 72.724

CardCounterPRO Card Counter PRO is an AUTOMATIC card counter for use on online cards games like Spades, Hearts, Pinochle and Bridge. What Does It Do? Card Counter PRO sits in the background watching the game. When a card is played it highlights the card in the list so you can see which cards have...

许可证:共享软件 费用: $5.00 美元 大小: 1.95 MB 下载 (1981):卡计数器PRO 下载

释放: October 10, 2016  |  Added: December 26, 2016 | Visits: 101.452

AVS Video Converter Encode HD Video (inc. AVCHD, TS, TOD, AVI HD, M2TS, etc.), AVI, MP4, WMV, Blu-ray, 3GP, DVD, VOB, MPEG, H.263/H.264 codecs, DVR-MS, MKV, FLV, etc. with AVS Video Converter. AVS Video Converter includes ready presets to convert video for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung, Android tablets,...

许可证:共享软件 费用: $39.00 美元 大小: 62.41 MB 下载 (4862): AVS 视频转换器下载

释放: July 19, 2017  |  Added: August 06, 2017 | Visits: 35.573

Surf Anonymous Free Surf Anonymous Free is a free Internet utility that anonymizes your web surfing by hiding your IP address, thereby protecting you from the vulnerabilities associated with it. Surf Anonymous Free can connect to our servers and gets the most stable, fresh and fast working IP location called proxy....

许可证: 免费软件 大小: 2.39 MB 下载 (1766):冲浪匿名免费下载

释放: September 17, 2012  |  Added: October 03, 2012 | Visits: 13.615

Webcam Simulator XP Edition Simulates webcam on your system by broadcasting video files as webcam. It adds a virtual camera to your system without having an actual webcam. It can be used with all instant messenger like MSN, Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, Camfrog Video Chat.

Platforms: Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005,Windows Media Center Edition 2005

许可证:共享软件 费用: $29.95 USD 大小: 4.89 MB 下载 (1316):网络摄像头模拟器 XP 版下载

释放: September 21, 2014  |  Added: November 11, 2014 | Visits: 45.762

Winamp Winamp is a free multimedia player made by Nullsoft. It supports numerous audio and video formats. It also plays streamed video and audio content, both live and recorded, authored worldwide. It has an extremely customizable media library, and allows you to rip and burn your favorite music CDs....

许可证: 免费软件 大小: 1.73 MB 下载 (9724):温安普下载

释放: April 08, 2014  |  Added: April 16, 2014 | Visits: 10.706

Blade API Monitor Blade API Monitor is a useful developer spy tool which can trace and log API and ActiveX interface with parameters. The key features are: Trace any exported functions of any DLLs, including Windows API and any other 3rd-Part APIs, unnecessarily to know the prototype of the functions;...

许可证:共享软件 费用: $79.00 美元 大小: 2.31 MB 下载 (727):刀片 API 监视器下载

释放: April 01, 2009  |  Added: May 12, 2009 | Visits: 12.983

XNote Timer Free countdown timer and stopwatch software. As simple as possible! Both count-up mode to measure time intervals and count-down mode to work as an alarm. Can play any audio file (mp3, wav, midi, etc) and launch any application. Large re-sizable display to show on LCD panel for public...

Platforms: Windows Media Center Edition 2005

许可证: 免费软件 大小: 87 KB 下载 (948): XNote 计时器下载

释放: May 01, 2014  |  Added: July 01, 2014 | Visits: 10.397

BootRacer BootRacer Tests How Fast is your Computer! 测试电脑的启动时间 with this free tool! BootRacer automatically tests how long Windows takes to start and saves it in a history database. You can analyze it to 比较启动时间, before and after you install a new program. The cool...

许可证: 免费软件 大小: 4.45 MB 下载 (419):引导Racer 下载

释放: September 26, 2017  |  Added: October 07, 2017 | Visits: 15.566

Real Hide IP Real Hide IP is easy-to-use 隐私软件 which allows you to conceal your IP address, choose IP country and 匿名冲浪. It can protect your privacy, 防止身份盗窃, and guard against hacker intrusions, all with the click of a button. Using it, you can conceal your identity...

许可证:共享软件 费用: $19.95 USD 大小: 2.31 MB 下载 (1020):真正的隐藏 IP 下载

释放: September 27, 2013  |  Added: October 27, 2013 | Visits: 22.814

LimeWire Ultra Accelerator LimeWire Ultra Accelerator is a highend module for LimeWire file sharing application, developed to resolve problems like: slow downloads and disconnections, traffic congestion, improving download speed and reliability, doing so by several methods to achieve 200 to 400 percent faster downloads,...

许可证: 免费软件 大小: 740.82 KB 下载 (810): LimeWire 超加速器下载

新增:2006 年 10 月 24 日 访问:\n32.126

AceProject AceProject is a 100% web-based task management and bug tracking system, designed for project managers and workers who need a centralized, online workspace: manage multiple projects or teams online, track your tasks organized by project, assign tasks to your employees, email notification when...

许可证: 免费软件 下载 (4858):王牌项目下载

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